Church Tower Appeal

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help fund urgent maintenance for our tower.

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Our beloved and iconic Church Tower dates back to 1636, and over the years has undergone some maintenance activities. Unfortunately, some of this historical maintenance was not completed to the best possible quality. 

What's wrong?

Although previous maintenance was completed with the best possible of intentions, time and weather have taken their toll, causing the cladding used to protect the building's stone work to crumble and fall away.  This has three impacts:

  • Permits water to enter the fabric of the tower and adjoining nave causing additional damage to internal woodwork, stonework, paintwork and the church organ's pipework. 
  • Looks unsightly.
  • The most concerning impact is one of the safety to our parishioners and visitors to the church. Although some cladding has already fallen away, it is absolutely possible that, with time, more cladding will fall away.

What are we doing about it?

Conducting maintenance to a historical building unfortunately takes time. This is in part due to the number of stakeholders involved, careful investigations of the work required and planning to undertake the work. However, by far the most time consuming element is raising the funds required to undertake the work.

The work we need to undertake is extremely costly. Since 2017, we have worked tirelessly with an incredibly supportive group of people: our architects, parishioners and of course the Church in Wales amongst others. The work we require to undertake is summarised by:

  • Safe removal of the cladding, taking care to protect Nave roof to the eastern face of the Tower. 
  • Repair the stonework to receive the correct lime based cladding on all faces of the Tower.
  • Repaint the cladding in the original white colour with suitable approved paint in line with the Architects recommendation.
  • Ensure the interior tower wood work is correctly replaced and the stonework around it is sound and properly engaged with supporting stonework and other wood supports.
  • Strip the entrance porch at the base of the Tower of paint and allow the stonework to dry properly. Clean and remove all debris from the tower and the entrance porch. Repaint the entrance porch replacing notice boards etc.
  • Ensure that the two bells in the tower are undisturbed by the works.
  • Check the electrical points sited in the Tower entrance hall are correctly reattached and electrically safe. Replace the existing notice boards or renew as existing if damaged by removal.
  • Renovate and re-varnish the exterior main door to the Church.

This list is not exhaustive, and as we undertake additional surveys, additional works unfortunately are made apparent.


We continue to raise funds to meet the expected costs, and are working with several agencies and organisations who provide grants for such activities.

With most costly activities, the sooner we have the money, the sooner we will start the building work. As we need to self-finance this work, any donation you could make would be greatly appreciated and will help us return the Tower to its formal splendour.


We are fortunate that there are several dedicated volunteers from our community that are working tirelessly to ensure all work is completed. A considerable amount of work has already been completed. We are hopeful that we will commence work in the Spring / Summer of 2020; another autumn or winter of our welsh weather might just be too much for the cladding that survives this winter.

As we have more information about firm timescales, we will of course update the website. In the meantime, any offer of help you can afford will be greatly appreciated and put to a tremendous cause!